How We Met

How We Met


A dark indie rom-com on a fierce of adventure.


A sheltered young loser goes on the worst blind date ever when he and his date must cover up the accidental murder of a crooked cop. To make matters worse just having his body embroils them in a dangerous cartel drug deal when they find the cop had a hidden stash on him.


Directed by: Oscar Rene

Composed by: Carson Aune & Dane Leon

Produced by: Chadwick Hopson, Zoya Lozoya, Brian Flaccus, Alex Raines, Karan Patel

Starring: Christina Moses, Chadwick Hopson, Brian Flaccus, Alex Raines, Johnathan Kehoe, Cale Epps, David Weiss, Alex Davidson, Daniel Stahl, Karan Patel.

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